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About Jenbacher
Jenbacher AG, one of the world's leading gas engine manufacturers, was founded in 1957 in Austria. The company, acquired by General Electric in 2003, was renamed GE Jenbacher. In 2018, under the umbrella of Advent International, Jenbacher formed the INNIO brand with Waukesha gas engines. Since 1995, Topkapı Endüstri AŞ has been providing sales, turnkey contracting and after-sales service solutions for Jenbacher gas engine cogeneration systems in Turkey.

Jenbacher's gas engines, ranging from 0.3 to 9.5 MW, are designed for stationary, continuous duty operation. Known for their high efficiencies, low emissions, durability, and high reliability, our engines run on natural gas or a variety of other gases including biogas, landfill gas, coal mine gas, sewage gas, combustible industrial waste gases.

Features & Benefits

Jenbacher’s gas engines feature:

  • Long service intervals, maintenance-friendly engine design, and low fuel consumption
  • Prolonged life of all engine components, even when using polluted fuel gases such as landfill gas
  • Operational safety and availability with our control and monitoring systems
  • A broad range of commercial, industrial, and municipal uses
  • Optimized control, monitoring, and information management systems, specifically designed for Jenbacher’s gas engines
  • A patented, lean mixture combustioncontrol to minimize exhaust gas emissions while maintaining stable engine operation

 Gas Engine Types
  • Type 2 (250 – 300 kW)
  • Type 3 (635-1.063 kW)
  • Type 4 (844 – 1.487 kW)
  • Type 6 (2.000 – 4.000 kW)
  • Type 6, 2 stage (4.440 kW)
  • Type 9 (9.500 kW)

Sample Applications
  • Topkapi Endüstri provided 13.400 kW to Koruma Klor Derince Factory
  • Uşak Seramik, The first Gas Engine Application in Ceramics sector in Turkey
  • Sütaş Biogas Project
  • Flora Carpets uses Jenbacher gas engines

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