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Rubber Expansion Joints
General Information
Rubber expansion joints / compensators are used as flexible connectors within pipe systems. Based on the German expression "Elastische Rohrverbinder" the type brand ERV® is being used. ERV are single sphere type rubber expansion joints within swiveling metal flanges. The high quality bellows are produced in a mould. Starting fourty years ago, construction and length of ERV expansion joints have become reckognised standards worldwide.

Problem Solvers within Pipe Systems

  • ERV are distinguished by a large axial, lateral and angular range of allowable movement, low reaction forces and low inherent resistance.
  • ERV are used to absorb tensions caused by temperature changes (thermal expansion), and equalize structural settling such as basement subsiding or ground movements.
  • They are suitable as a pipe insert / expansion piece to facilitate inspections of valves or other devices.
  • ERV are perfect noise dampeners and ideally qualified to reduce vibrations. The major part of the piping's structure-borne noise and the low-frequency noise generated by fluids is eliminated.
  • "Better safe than sorry": ERV serve to equalise assembly inaccuracies. If ERV are provided for during the planning phase there will be less problems during installation caused by inaccuracy. This saves costs.
  • Quality production: only premium quality bellows exclusively made for us by ContiTech, Germany are used. Both ELAFLEX and ContiTech have a reputaion for reliability and longevity.
  • Big range: for practically all media, sizes DN 25 - 1000 mm.
  • Fast delivery: due to a large stock of more than 20.000 bellows.