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ZVA – The Modular System
General Information
Under the brand name of ZVA (Zapfventil Automatic) ELAFLEX has supplied automatic nozzles to industry for over 40 years.

The most outstanding features are user-friendlyness, performance and technical innovation.

Often overlooked, but so important: the modular system of the ZVA. All major parts can be replaced. Therefore the ZVA is suitable for every petrol dispenser, every hose and every vehicle filler neck. Additional retrofitting in the field is trouble free.

ELAFLEX supplies nozzle guards to fit any existing dispenser make and model. For some time they have been available in polyamide and also with magnets for "Reed Switch" in the nozzle boot. These enable maintenace-free on and off function of the dispenser.

Fixed inlets and swivels, sight glasses and angel swivels are available in a range of various thread sizes. During the last years the so-called Safety Breaks have increasingly gained importance. The compatibility of spouts and vehicle filler necks is an old issue. ELAFLEX supplies spouts to fit all standard filler necks.

Product badges, scuffguards, coloured hoses and anti-kinking sleeves: with the use of colour and special signage they offer diverse, and often underestimated marketing opportunities.

The modular construction method of the ZVA enables economical maintenance and repairwork. Simple repairs can be done on-site by service company engineers. In the workshop the ZVA nozzle can be stripped down and put back together again in minutes using the proper tools. ELAFLEX / HIBY offer in house training sessions on a regular basis and also offer advice on how to construct a test bench. With one or two intermittend repairs, the ZVA can reach a service life of ten years or more.

ZVA - Ergonomically designed. User-friendly with the motorist in mind. Safe, with high flowrate, robust design and long service life. All the benefits of a modular design.

ELAFLEX Safety Breaks
General Information
ELAFLEX Safety Breaks

Time and again customers forget the nozzles inserted in the filler neck... with serious consequences.

Hose Breaks are fitted to a pigtail attached to the hose assembly. Hose Breaks separate in an axial direction. The pigtail hose guarantees that the Hose Break separates at the angle of the car driving off.

Nozzle Breaks are fitted to the nozzle end. They are suitable for all types of dispensers. For dispensers with hose retractors, they are the only version suitable. Nozzle Breaks separate at the angle of the car driving off. ELAFLEX patented construction separates in such a way that they can break of at an angle - up to 90 degrees. ELAFLEX has supplied Nozzle Breaks for standard and vapour recovery nozzles for many years. ELAFLEX Nozzle Breaks are well suited to the ZVA system: they maintain excellent flow rates and can be retrofitted very easily.

Pump Breaks, an new development from ELAFLEX, are fitted directly to the pump outlet of high hose type dispensers. Just like our Nozzle Breaks, Pump Breaks can separate at every angle of the car driging off. Pump Breaks offer a real alternative to hose breaks. In comparison with Hose Breaks they look better and save costs.

In the interest of the users, all ELAFLEX Safety Breaks are reusable, without any spare parts.