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Topkapı Endüstri Malları Ticaret A.S, founded in 1985, operates in energy and fuel industries. Topkapı Endüstri represents the world’s leading brands in fuel equipments, cogeneration systems and compressed air systems; and offers engineering solutions, sales and after sales service via its agents and technical service units throughout the country.

  • Fuel Equipments (hoses, filters, fuel filling equipments for the underground tanks)
  • Cogeneration Systems(gas engine cogeneration units)
  • Compressed air systems (screw compressors, portable compressors, dryers)

Topkapı Endüstri provides environmental friendly engineering solutions and minimizes energy costs.

Experienced specialist team of engineers and technicians in our main office and in our area offices provide training and service support for the end users as well as maintenance and repair.