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About Tatsuno
2014-01-14Tatsuno Europe was formed by fusing the Czech company BENČ s.r.o. and the Japanese corporation TATSUNO. BENČ s.r.o. and started developing fuel dispensers in 1993 and became a trusted producer both in the Czech Republic and in many other European countries.

TATSUNO was established in Japan in 1911 and over the course of more than a decade has become the most successful producer of fuel dispenser-related solutions in Asia.

History :

  • 1911 Establishment
  • 1919 The First Petrol Dispensing Pump in Japan was developed
  • 1962 Established own ‘After-Sales Service company”
  • 1963 The first Space-Fill was introduced in the world with patent
  • 1964 Constructed Yokohama Plant
  • 1992 Change company name to Tatsuno Corporation
  • 2000 Awarded “Innovative Technology Award” by The Japan Petroleum Institute Technology Award”
  • 2006 Awarded “Multi-X” as “Good Design Award”
  • 2011 Reconstruction Yokohama Plant The latest model Sunny-XE launched
  • 2012 Integrated “Sales and After-Sales Service”