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Modern air systems must meet up to the multiple requirements of industry. Safety, reliability, low power consumption and minimum servicing are of first priority when the air needed for the job is to be produced in the volume required at the right quality.

Normally, in an air system, the 'concerted action' of several compressors and treatment equipment has to be coordinated, whereby special attention should be paid to the interplay of the compressors because this is where most of the energy savings are made. Such complex tasks are no longer manageable by simple, conventional sequencers or base load sequencers. In such cases the capability of intelligent computers is needed. Not only do they have to turn individual compressor soloists into an ensemble and conduct them in as energy-saving a way as possible, they have to resolve futuristic tasks such as compressed air management and compressed air cost management as well - not forgetting communication.

Energy saving controllers

Quick and simple operation with clear icons and large display

● Fully automatic DUAL control (full load/ idle/ on/off control)
● Monitoring of air network pressure parameters, airend temperature and direction of rotor rotation
● Counter for service, load and operation hours
● Adjustable service intervals, pressure and temperature unit selection (bar/ psi/ MPa, °C/°F)
● Nominal system pressure can be adjusted separately
● Adjustable switching differential
● Group alarm volts-free contact
● Electronic pressure transducer

The control unit features an easy to read display and durable input keys; all relevant information can be viewed at a glance. User-friendliness is further enhanced by the logical menu structure and the ability to display data in any one of 30 selectable languages.

The addition of RFID functionality to the Sigma Control 2 means that service work and system changes to the compressor can be performed only by authorised personnel, e.g. suitably qualified KAESER service partners. Manufacturer-provided passwords are not required.

The Ethernet interface (10/100 MBbit/sec) allows users to directly query operational parameters via a connected PC network. Optional communications modules support Modbus-RTU, Modbus/ TCP, Profibus DP-VO, Device-Net and Profi-Net IO.

Software updates and operational parameters can be quickly uploaded and transferred via the convenient SD card slot. This both minimises service costs and allows the SD card to be used for (long-term) storage of key operational data.

Sigma Air Manager

Integrated performance for maximum energy savings
An orchestra is far more than simply a collection of musicians. It is the conductor who brings together the individual players to create a single powerful and distinctive sound. The Sigma Air Manager (SAM) from Kaeser plays a very similar role within a compressed air supply system: Utilising the latest master control and web server technology, the SAM is an invaluable tool for ensuring optimised air system availability and energy efficiency.
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