Original Spare Parts

Original Spare Parts

Choose reliability
KAESER’s service personnel use only genuine maintenance and spare parts with proven durability to ensure unrivalled reliability and long service life. Only KAESER original parts guarantee tested quality.

KAESER’s advanced FLUID coolant not only ensures exceptional wear-protection and lubrication (even at low temperatures), but also simplifies condensate treatment.

Exchange airends
KAESER’s exchange airends are manufactured using the very latest production processes. Thanks to precision casing measurement and bearing adjustment, they deliver the same quality, efficiency and durability as a brand new airend.

Service kits
Our decades of experience have shown us that some parts require scheduled replacement as part of regular system maintenance. KAESER service kits include all necessary components.

Filter elements
Genuine KAESER filter elements guarantee highly effective filtration and minimal pressure drop. Newly designed coalescence filters ensure optimum performance even at low flow rates.

Activated carbon filters
KAESER activated carbon filters ensure quality condensate treatment in accordance with the most stringent water purity regulations. They combine long service life with consistent filtering performance.

Separator cartridge kits
A kit is available for each model in the KAESER compressor range and contains the appropriate seals and separator cartridges. Only genuine KAESER separator cartridges ensure lowest possible remaining oil content.

Air filter elements
Generously sized air filter elements protect the airend from being damaged by solid particles. This significantly enhances compressor service life.
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