Engine Management System

DIA.NE is a user-friendly engine management system. A colour graphic display provides a clear overview of all information. This diagnostic instrument features an effective alarm management system with all error messages date stamped and clearly presented in tabular form to identify the sequence of events.

Features & Benefits
The presentation of trends in different colours permits a precise evaluation of various parameters, such as the occurrence of faults, over time. This makes it possible to make a detailed analysis of the condition of a machine and the development of a fault. Data is stored on conventional storage media, making it easy to archive and share. A printer and modem can also be connected to the system. Due to the precise application of modern control and monitoring components, DIA.NE offers a flexible and efficient comprehensive solution. Its open interface can be connected to third-party control equipment. An operating logbook is enhanced by the generation of operating data reports.

The next generation of module control panel – the DIA.NE® XT4 + WIN provides improved usability and functionality and is standard on all new engine versions. It is the successor to DIA.NE ®WIN and DIA.NE® Blue control panels. The screen has been enlarged to 10.4″ and offers improved ergonomics and navigation, and can also display Asian characters. An increase in the number and quality of trending resources as well as a new legend, help system and customer and expert views deliver additional functionality.

● Improved usability - through larger screen (10.4"), improved navigation and a new function specific help system
● Added versatility - customer and expert views now available
● Improved alarm display capability

myPlant is the next generation remote monitoring and diagnostic system for your entire fleet.

Features & Benefits:
Real Time Fleet Data
Real time data and alarms from your fleet, through the cloud, to your laptop (with a fancy topping of smart Metrics and KPIs).

Custom Notifications
Receive emails / SMS for anything happening in your fleet (e.g. genset trips, custom data thresholds, alarms).

Remote Connection to the Engine
Remotely connect to your Jenbacher engine controller.

Powerful Charting Tools
Speed up your investigations by looking at the entire asset history. All site data is at your hand.

Preventive Analytics
You can predict failures and estimate components lifetime with he power of data.

Mobile Application
Your fleet status, at hand’s reach. Anywhere. Anytime.

Documentation & Drawings
Direct access to engine technical drawings and documentation.

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