Scope of Supply Options

We have following options to fulfil your requirements.

This option, Jenbacher genset, is configured to produce electrical power only, which the Jenbacher unit does at high efficiency. Gensets are most commonly used where there is no local use for the heat and where there is no demand for a cogeneration configuration.

Cogeneration (CHP) Module

A Jenbacher gas engine module is configured for the recovery of both electricity and heat via a cogeneration / CHP configuration. The module is then typically located within a building with individual acoustic enclosures to reduce the escape of noise.

The Jenbacher container is a high quality unit which can be deployed where economical and speedy installation is required. The Jenbacher containers are fully tested when they leave the production facility and are excellent for ‘plug-and-play’ applications.

Island Mode Operation
Gas engines are well suited to acting in island mode operation as a captive power plant. Island mode operation relates to those power plants that operate in isolation from the national or local electricity distribution network. ‘island mode’ sites have the benefit of avoiding the costs of installing external site connections.
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