Hydrogen fuel has been recognized as one of the most important elements in achieving decarbonization targets in today's world. Green hydrogen, which can be obtained from renewable energy sources, will undoubtedly be the most effective and mandatory way out by contributing to the clean use of primary energy with its zero emission aspect.

Topkapı Endüstri offers complete solutions for producing, storing and distributing green hydrogen with electricity generated from wind, solar and bioenergy sources.

Jenbacher Gas Engines Ready for 100% Hydrogen!

On the road to decarbonization, Jenbacher Gas Engines are ready for 100% hydrogen use. Hydrogen's storable structure will contribute to energy transitions and its decarbonized content will contribute to our country's 2053 targets. With Jenbacher's more than 50 years of experience in converting alternative fuels into energy, the future is closer...

Carbon Neutral Future → Suitable for use in 3 different ways.

1- By mixing up to 25% of hydrogen into the natural gas network, almost all installed natural gas engines are ready for use.
2- Blending of hydrogen up to 60% of the fuel in the application area is possible for series 3, 4 and 6.
3- Jenbacher 4 series engines are ready for use with 100% pure hydrogen.
 ● Today, over 250 MW of installed Jenbacher gas engines are used with up to 70% hydrogen blending.
 ● The 42% hydrogen blend gas engine has been operating in Argentina for over 70,000 operating hours since 2008.
 ● The first 100% hydrogen gas engine was commissioned in Germany in 2020.
- As Topkapi Endüstri, in hydrogen projects;
● Supply of solar panels and electrolysis units at the stage of obtaining green hydrogen
● Supply of connection equipment for transportation of hydrogen, hydrogen compressor for compression and high pressure tanks for storage
● Supply and operation of a Jenbacher Gas engine to generate power from the hydrogen obtained
● We can provide support in the design and EPC installation of the entire facility.

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